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The words
Australia is [home / house] to some of the most amazing creatures and plant life in the world. It is [famous / famously] for its diversity of species. However, scientists have just [reporting / reported] a "shocking" loss of biodiversity. The government has [released / relished] its State of the Environment Report. It is [depressed / depressing] reading. The report reveals a serious decline [on / in] biodiversity, an increase in habitat loss, and increasing levels of [polluted / pollution] . It concludes that the condition of Australia's environment is "poor and deteriorating". Australia has been hit by [draught / drought] , fires and floods in the past five years. These have [killing / killed] many animals and caused the loss of [natural / naturally] habitat. Climate change is also harming Australia's ecosystems.

Australia publishes its State of the Environment Report [all / every] five years. Each report has painted a [sadder / sadden] picture. The Australian Conservation Foundation said Australia's natural environment is [suffer / suffering] because the government is not taking action. It said: "There's nothing [in / at] this report we don't know. This is the fourth...report and every time it has told [them / us] that the environment is getting worse and worse [end / and] worse because we're not taking the type [of / on] action we need." Australia has lost more mammal species than [any / some] other continent. More than 100 Australian species are now [exact / extinct] . An environmentalist said the report was, "a wake-up call to the damage humans are doing [at / to] the world around us".

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