Speed Reading — Nuclear Annihilation - Level 1 — 300 wpm

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We live in difficult times. We have a pandemic, a cost of living crisis, and a changing climate. The UN has warned of another danger – nuclear war. It said one small mistake could lead to war. This is because international tensions are "reaching new highs". Ukraine, Korea, and the Middle East are possible flashpoints. The UN said we are "lucky" to have avoided nuclear war. However, it said luck was not a strategy to stop global tensions.

The UN said the danger is at a level not seen in many years. It warned that: "Humanity is just one misunderstanding…away from nuclear annihilation." The UN Secretary-General said the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty should help the world. He added: "Eliminating nuclear weapons is the only guarantee that they will never be used." There are almost 13,000 nuclear weapons around the world. The risk of nuclear war is growing.

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