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The words
Have you ever [wandered / wondered] why thinking too much makes you tired? A new study has found out some answers to [these / this] question. Researchers from the Paris Brain Institute looked at why [mentally / mental] effort makes us tired. They found that when people think a [lots / lot] , the brain releases a chemical [called / cold] glutamate. Too much glutamate upsets the brain's [factions / functions] . It means the brain tells the body it is tired and that it must rest. People who spend more than six hours working [on / in] a task that requires a lot of thought are more [liked / likely] to feel tired. A period of rest allows the brain to return [to / of] normal. This explains why a power nap is good for us. A power nap can be as short as 20 minutes, but can make us feel [totally / total] refreshed.

The research team looked [by / at] the behaviour of 40 participants in their research. Twenty-four of these had [for / to] perform challenging tasks. These included looking at a computer screen and [matching / match] different letters that appeared. The other 16 participants did a [similar / similarity] , but easier task. Both teams worked for six hours, and had two ten-minute [break / breaks] . The researchers [scammed / scanned] the brains of the participants. They found that the group who had the more difficult [task / tusk] had higher levels of glutamate in [their / them] brain. Study author Antonius Wiehler said: "It would be great to find out more about how glutamate levels are [storied / restored] ." He asked: "Is sleep helpful? How long do breaks need to be to have a [positively / positive] effect?"

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