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Two pilots fell asleep [on / in] the job during one of the most crucial parts of their flight. The pair were [on / in] charge of a Boeing 737 that was travelling from Khartoum, Sudan to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The airliner was at its [cruising / cruised] altitude of 37,000 feet (11,278 metres) and was due [at / to] begin its [ascent / descent] to Addis Ababa Bole Airport. Air traffic controllers at the airport were shocked when their [flying / flight] radar showed the plane had [overshot / overtaken] its destination. The pilots woke up after the autopilot disconnected and the alarm [voiced / sounded] . They quickly did a [lap / loop] of the skies above the airport and successfully landed the plane. None of the [concerned / cornered] crew or passengers on board were hurt.

An airline spokesperson made a statement about the [incidence / incident] . She said: "We have received a report which [indicates / inculcates] the Ethiopian flight...temporarily lost [community / communication] with air traffic control....The flight later landed safely after communication was [restored / reassured] ." The airline said the pilots "have been removed from operation [spending / pending] further investigation". It added: "Appropriate corrective action will be taken [biased / based] on the outcome of the investigation. [Safety / Safely] has always been and will continue to be our first [prioritize / priority] ." An aviation analyst said the incident might have been the result [of / at] pilot fatigue. He said this was "nothing new, and continues to [suppose / pose] one of the most significant threats to air safety".

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