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The words
Beaches in England and Wales have [closed / closeted] because water companies pumped raw sewage [into / onto] the sea. The UK Environment Agency issued warnings to holidaymakers to [evade / avoid] dozens of beaches this week. Some of the [beach / beaches] were popular places for tourists, [surfers / suffers] and swimmers. They risked catching diseases if they [want / went] into the water. Water companies advised people to keep their mouth closed if they [swimming / swam] in the sea. A [residence / resident] on the south coast town of Bexhill-on-Sea described seeing things she didn't want to see [floating / floated] in the water when she swam. She said: "It's filthy, murky, and it stinks." She added the sewage was "[quiet / quite] obvious" to see and smell. She called it a "poonami".

Many people in England are [anger / angry] with the water companies. England sold its water to [privately / private] investors in 1989. Company CEOs are now getting million-dollar salaries and [bonus / bonuses] while dangerous raw sewage is [polluting / pollution] the environment. Water companies have pumped raw sewage into Britain's seas and rivers [for / at] more than nine million hours since 2016. There has been a 2,000 per cent increase in the [post / past] five years. In 2016, the European Union said England's beaches were [between / among] the cleanest in Europe; now they are among the [dirtiest / dirties] . One Briton said clean water was a human right and not for company [profits / profitable] . She said water company CEOs care more about their salaries [than / more] the UK's environment.

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