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Rates of depression [with / among] college students have [purged / surged] in the past decade. A new study from Boston University reports that the number of students experiencing [anxiety / anxious] or depression more than doubled between 2013 and 2021. They found that the number of students [suffer / suffering] from anxiety jumped by 110 per cent. The number of students with [depression / depressed] skyrocketed by 135 per cent over the eight-year [periodical / period] of the study. In 2021, over 60 per cent of students [met / bet] the criteria for having some [form / frame] of mental illness. This is double the rate from eight years ago. Alarm bells are now [banging / ringing] among mental health therapists. However, the number of students [seeking / peeking] therapy has fallen by 18 per cent.

Rates of depression among students had been on an upward [trendy / trend] even before 2013. Researcher Dr Sarah Lipson said: "College is a [lock / key] developmental time. The age of [inset / onset] for lifetime mental health problems also directly [coincidence / coincides] with traditional college years." She said: "Living [in / on] a new setting, and away from home, can often create overwhelming and stressful [circumstantial / circumstances] ." She added that 75 per cent of lifetime mental health problems will [be / been] present in people [until / by] the age of 24. Dr Lipson cited the COVID-19 pandemic, the loneliness of lockdowns, and school closures [has / as] factors that exacerbated this mental health crisis. Many students fear for their future, which they see [has / as] being increasingly full of uncertainty.

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