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One of sport's greatest [ever / even] legends has played her final professional match. Serena Williams [rowed / bowed] out of the US Open tennis tournament on Friday after being defeated [on / in] the third round. The 40-year-old showed her customary [grit / girth] and determination in the grueling three-hour match. The watching crowd [standing / stood] and erupted in thunderous applause and an [outpouring / pouring] of love at the moment defeat [arrival / arrived] . "Happy tears" streamed down her face as Ms Williams showed her [appreciation / appreciate] to the crowd and [waved / waived] farewell. In her post-match interview, she said: "I just thank everyone that's here, that's been on my side so many years, [decadence / decades] ...literally decades. But, it all started with my parents."

Serena Williams is [argument / arguably] the greatest tennis player of [every / all] time. Her 23 Grand Slam titles, her 319 weeks spent as the world's number one, and her 27 years at the top as a professional are testament [by / to] that. However, her achievements have spread [far / for] beyond tennis. She has been an [inspiration / inspirational] to girls worldwide. Former tennis great Billie Jean King said her "greatest contributions may be [as / yet] to come". Current American player 18-year-old Coco Gauff [cited / sighted] Williams as her hero. She said: "The impact you've had on me [goes / comes] beyond any words that can be put [altogether / together] ." Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama said: "I can't wait to see the lives you continue to [transfer / transform] with your talents."

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