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Further light has been shed [in / on] the possible dangers of eating ultra-processed food. A new study has [revelled / revealed] that consuming food such as sausages, [freezing / frozen] pizza, ready-to-eat meals, sodas and cakes can increase the [risk / risky] of cancer, heart disease or an earlier death. Ultra-processed food [includes / including] products made in factories from ingredients that are [largesse / largely] or entirely made in a laboratory. They are [added / subtracted] with things like preservatives, flavour enhancers, colourings, sugar and [fats / fatty] . The research was conducted on over 200,000 people in the USA over a 28-year period. Researcher Dr Fang Fang Zhang said men who ate a [lot / lots] of ultra-processed food had a 29 per cent higher risk of developing [dowel / bowel] cancer.

Ultra-processed foods make [up / down] a growing proportion of the food we eat. The WHO says they account [for / from] around two-thirds of calories [in / on] the diets of American children and teenagers. Dr Zhang said children who ate ultra-processed food [granted / gained] weight more quickly than [those / them] who ate a more nutritious and well balanced diet. She said: "Americans consume a [hugely / large] percentage of their daily calories from ultra-processed foods." She gave [advise / advice] on how people can look after their bodies better through their diets. She said: "We should consider [replicating / substituting] ultra-processed foods with unprocessed or [minimally / maximally] processed foods in our diet for cancer prevention and for the prevention of obesity [end / and] cardiovascular diseases."

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