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The coronavirus pandemic has changed working [condition / conditions] worldwide. Millions of people have switched from working [on / in] their offices to working remotely at home. A Japanese company has initiated a [novel / novelist] measure to [entice / entire] workers back into the office. The technology giant Fujitsu is [allowance / allowing] some of its workers to bring their pet dogs to work with them. Executives set [down / up] an experimental "dog office" at a building in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. Members [of / at] staff are being encouraged to return [to / on] the office by bringing their dogs to work. It is part of a [trail / trial] aimed at making workers more comfortable in the workplace. More people may be willing to give up working [remotely / remote] from home.

Japan's workforce is [renewed / renowned] for spending long hours in the office. The pandemic greatly changed [it / this] . Many workers started working from home. They preferred this new culture of teleworking. They also decided that working remotely was better than [enduring / endearing] two-hour commutes from the [suburban / suburbs] . They got attached [on / to] the idea of spending more [qualify / quality] time with their pets. Fujitsu's experiment is an incentive [to / for] workers to return to the office and be with their [poaches / pooches] . One worker said he could "communicate with other people with the [help / helping] of our dogs". Reuters says the Fujitsu "dog office" has space for up to six dogs "and features [strain-proof / stain-proof] carpets and a range of pet supplies".

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