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The words
Hollywood has made many sci-fi movies about asteroids [cashing / crashing] into Earth and destroying us [every / all] . The U.S. space agency NASA may have an answer to this end-of-the-world [possibility / possible] . It has tested a spacecraft that could change the direction of an asteroid that might hit our [plant / planet] . The spacecraft is called DART, which means Double Asteroid Redirection Test. The $325m craft set [off / on] on its journey in November 2021. Its goal was to crash into an asteroid [calling / called] Dimorphos. The mission was a [success / successful] . DART collided with the centre of the asteroid at 24,000 kph on Monday. Scientists do not [yet / yeti] know if they have changed the asteroid's [direction / direct] . They will find out from data they will get in a few weeks' [months / time] .

It is the [first / once] time that humans have tried to change the direction of a space [subject / object] . NASA spokesperson Glen Nagle said DART was the [fast / first] of many "planetary protection missions". He compared our chances of [surviving / survival] an asteroid hit to the [end / ended] of the dinosaurs. He said: "We want to have a better [change / chance] than the dinosaurs had 65 million years ago." He added that in pre-history, all the dinosaurs could do was to "look up and [speak / say] , 'Oh asteroid'". Another spokesperson, Lori Glaze, said DART represented a "new [era / aura] for humankind". She said: "It's an era in which we potentially [do / have] the capability to protect ourselves from something like a dangerous, hazardous asteroid [impact / compact] ."

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