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The words
Members of one of the world's most [popular / populate] pop bands will soon be in the army. The South Korean boy band BTS will soon be taking a [broke / break] from music. The seven band members will be [joining / joint] the military to do two years of national service. South Korea is one of the [several / few] countries in the world to require men to [be / do] military service. All able-bodied men aged between 18 and 28 must [serve / service] about two years in the military. This is because [technical / technically] , South Korea is still [to / at] war with North Korea. The two nations never signed a peace treaty after the Korean War ended [in / on] 1953. The agency that looks after BTS said the band members want to do their [ditty / duty] . It said: "It's the perfect time and the members of BTS are honoured to serve."

There was a lot of [speak / talk] in Korea about BTS not doing military service. Many people feel that the band are [too / much] important to be taking a break to join [an / the] army. Many Koreans view them as national [jewellery / treasures] . In 2020, Korea's government said the band could [delay / relay] their military service until the [age / old] of 30. The oldest member, Jin, is currently 29 years old. BTS have brought a lot of worldwide [attentive / attention] to their country. They have also received a lot of praise [at / for] speaking out about mental health issues. South Korea's defence minister said it could be [possible / possibly] for the band to perform together while in the army. He said: "There could be a way to give them a chance to practice and [performance / perform] together."

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