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Species around the world are being [increasingly / increasing] threatened by human activity. Lamentably, hundreds of thousands of creatures have already become [extinct / extinction] as the result of humans' ever-increasing [demanding / demands] on Earth's resources. Gold mining in a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo is putting [at / to] risk an animal called the okapi. The park is [called / calling] the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The okapi is also called the forest giraffe as it is a [relatively / relative] of the giraffe. However, its neck is [somewhere / nowhere] near as long as [that / what] of a giraffe's. It is also known as the zebra giraffe due to its striped [bind / hind] legs. The okapi is only found in the area of Congo that is [being / having] mined.

Conservationists have called for an immediate [hilt / halt] to the "rapidly expanding" levels of mining. They have [purged / urged] the government to revoke the mining company's license, to "protect the [uniquely / unique] forest ecosystem and [a / the] local communities that depend on [them / it] ". The conservationists warned that: "Miners are literally eating the [reverse / reserve] out of its wildlife by hunting animals for food. There is almost no wildlife left around the [ours / mine] itself, and wildlife numbers are massively reduced around mining towns. There have even been cases of [harmed / armed] hunters trafficking okapi skins and elephant ivory in and [about / around] the mines." They added that: "If the Congo government acts now, this unique World Heritage Site can still be [saving / saved] ."

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