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   about      at      at      by      by      for      for      for      for      from      in      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of  
We all know about the damage being done to the environment industries, households, belching cows and the release methane permafrost. A new report highlights a source CO2 emissions that few us are aware of - billionaires. The British charity Oxfam has reported that the lavish lifestyles the world's wealthiest create significantly more CO2 than the average person. It conducted an analysis the investments and lifestyles of 125 the world's richest billionaires. The conclusion was that the average billionaire is responsible 3 million metric tons carbon dioxide per year. This is a million times more than the average person creates. Collectively, billionaires create as much CO2 as France.

The lifestyles billionaires are damaging to the environment. Luxury yachts, extravagant mansions and private jets mean the super-rich have a huge carbon footprint. This is made bigger the investments they make. Speaking the COP 27 Climate Change Conference in Egypt, an Oxfam spokesperson provided details CO2 and the super-rich. She said: "The major and growing responsibility wealthy people overall emissions is rarely discussed or considered climate policy making. This has to change." She added: "These billionaire investors the top of the corporate pyramid have a huge responsibility driving climate breakdown. They have escaped accountability too long."

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