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Egypt is a land of [eternal / eternally] mystery and wonder. It is a paradise for archaeologists hoping to [earth / unearth] the latest ancient marvel. Archaeologists at an extensive excavation near the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria have just made [such / what] a discovery. Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist at the University of Santo Domingo, has [dedicated / predated] most of her life [for / to] searching for the [long-lost / newly-found] tomb of Queen Cleopatra. The queen [sovereign / ruled] over Egypt more than 1,000 years ago. Earlier this week, Martinez and her team stumbled [upon / unto] an amazing [find / fund] . They uncovered a 1,305-metre tunnel, located 13 metres underground. Architectural design [experts / expertise] have called it an "engineering miracle".

Ms Martinez was [elected / elated] at the find. She told the CNN news agency about what she found, [insides / besides] the tunnel. She said: "The excavation [revealed / revelled] a huge religious centre with three sanctuaries, [a / the] sacred lake, more than 1,500 objects, [statues / statutes] , golden pieces, and a huge collection [in / of] coins portraying Alexander the Great and Queen Cleopatra. Martinez's [quote / quest] to find Queen Cleopatra's tomb began in 2005. She said: "My perseverance should not be confused [by / with] obsession. I simply admire Cleopatra as a historical character." Martinez spoke [of / at] the potential importance of her team's work. She said that if the tunnel leads to Cleopatra's tomb, "it will be the most important [discovery / discover] of the century".

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