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The words
The world is in a climate [crises / crisis] . We need to change how we get our power. This means we need to end the [used / use] of fossil fuels, like oil and gas. The European Space Agency (ESA) has started [on / in] work that could provide millions of homes with [clean / cleaning] energy. It has [approved / approval] a three-year project to test huge solar farms in space. ESA engineers hope to send energy [wireless / wirelessly] from space into people's homes. Testing will [give / take] place over three years. An ESA spokesperson said one solar-farm satellite could create the [same / near] amount of electricity as a power station on Earth. She added that the aim is to [be / have] many of these giant satellites in orbit. They could cut our use of fossil fuels and reduce energy [shorts / shortages] .

The ESA project is [called / calling] Solaris. The ESA states on its website that it wants to create "a clean and secure [energy / energetic] future for European citizens". Josef Aschbacher, the director-general of the ESA, [said / told] the BBC that solar power from space could be [of / to] "enormous" help. He said: "We need to convert [onto / into] carbon-neutral economies and therefore change the way we produce energy. We especially need to [increase / reduce] the fossil fuel part of our energy [prediction / production] ." He added: "If you can do it from space, and I'm saying 'if we could,' because we are not there [yet / already] , this would be absolutely fantastic. It would [solve / absolve] a lot of problems." The satellites will be around 1.7 km long. The International Space Station is 110 m in [longing / length] .

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