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   about      at      by      for      for      from      in      inside      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      on      on  
Smartphones are a wonder modern technology. They have many features that we rely every day. They also have many hidden functions that we are unaware . One such secret is the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro. This has the ability to measure someone's height. You just point your phone camera a person, click on the Measure app, and get an instant measurement how tall that person is. The person whose height you are measuring must be standing front of the camera head to toe. It is possible to measure your own height in a mirror, but this is not so accurate. It would be better a friend to do it for you. The new Measure app could end arguments who is the tallest.

The Measure app uses AR (augmented reality) and a special sensor that is the camera. The technology behind the sensor is called LiDAR. This is an acronym "light imaging, detection, and ranging". LiDAR is also called 3D laser scanning. It is used to make digital 3D models areas of the Earth's surface and the bottom of the ocean. LiDAR measures a person's height sending out pulses light. These light pulses bounce off the person being measured and return to the LiDAR sensor. The app measures how long this took. The length time helps the app to calculate the person's height. The website joked that the app, "isn't as cool as drawing lines a door" to find someone's height.

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