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World's oldest land animal celebrates 190th birthday






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We all like birthdays. Some people live long enough to have 120 of them. The world's oldest land animal just celebrated his 190th birthday. It is a giant turtle called Jonathan. Zoologists think he was born in 1832, but there are no official records. Some scientists think Jonathan might be ten years older. He could be as old as 200. Jonathan was born in the Seychelles. He was taken to the British overseas territory of St Helena in 1882. Jonathan was born before Britain's Queen Victoria became queen. He was born before the invention of the postage stamp, refrigeration, and the gun*.

Jonathan had a good birthday. He had a three-day party. Chefs made a special tortoise birthday cake that was full of his favourite vegetables. St Helena printed a set of postage stamps to celebrate his birthday. Sadly, Jonathan did not get to see any of this because he is blind. He also cannot smell. However, he has an excellent sense of hearing, so he could hear "Happy Birthday" being sung. Jonathan's vet said the giant tortoise still has plenty of energy. He also likes to relax in the sun. He said: "On mild days, he will sunbathe – his long neck and legs stretched fully out of his shell."

* revolver

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