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Sportswear giant Adidas has lost a courtroom battle over a [perception / perceived] infringement of its trademark three-stripe logo. Adidas [ledged / lodged] a [complaint / compliant] against the American luxury fashion [blend / brand] Thom Browne, which uses a four-stripe logo [in / on] its clothes. Adidas claimed the four stripes were too [similarity / similar] to its three stripes and filed a lawsuit. It attempted to claim more than $7.8 million in [damages / damage] . However, a jury in a Manhattan court decided in Thom Browne's favour. It declared that the four stripes did not [infringe / fringe] on Adidas' logo or reputation. Jurors decided that consumers were unlikely [for / to] confuse the two brands, as they were capable [of / to] distinguishing between three and four parallel stripes.

Thom Browne is a New York-based fashion [home / house] founded in 2001. It [craters / caters] to the high-end fashion market and has [corroborated / collaborated] with many top names in the world of luxury [apparent / apparel] . The brand made a name for itself in 2020 by designing a scarf [as / has] part of Joe Biden's "Believe in Better" fashion collection. The dispute [with / on] Adidas dates back 16 years. Browne used a three-stripe design on a jacket in 2007. After Adidas protested, Browne [switched / stitched] to a four-stripe pattern. Thom Browne maintained [what / that] confusion between the two designs was unlikely because the two companies "operate [on / in] different markets, serve different customers, and offer their products [of / at] strikingly different prices".

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