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The words
Many people would [struggle / snuggle] to run just one marathon. They would need months of training to get into [sharp / shape] to last the 42.195-km distance. However, marathons are [no / not] problem for Australian runner Erchana Murray-Bartlett. She has just [ran / run] 150 of them - every day for 150 days. The 32-year-old ran 6,329 km from Queensland, at the top [in / of] Australia, to Melbourne, at the bottom. Her five-month coast-to-coast run [set / let] a new world record. It's the most [consecutive / consecutively] daily marathons ever run by a woman. She [smashed / mashed] the previous record of 106 marathons in 106 days. Ms Murray-Bartlett is a professional runner. She missed [in / out] on qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, so she set her [sights / sites] on a record-breaking challenge.

Murray-Bartlett [embarked / disembarked] on her marathon number of marathons to [raise / rise] awareness of the extinction crisis in Australia. Many species of animals and plants are dying [up / out] in her country. Australia is [rich / wealth] in biodiversity, but has the worst rate of mammal loss of [many / any] country. Her run has raised $70,000 for the conservation charity the Wilderness Society. She said it was [an / the] incredibly tough five months, but she knew she could do it. She said: "[Even / Ever] though sometimes you are covered in sweat and flies, and everything [arched / ached] , I thought: 'No, I can go one more kilometre' or: 'No, I can go 500 more metres'. If you keep stringing together little [tinny / tiny] goals, you can make it." This is a lesson for [us / we] all.

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