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The words
Breathing in air pollution could change our [brainy / brain] . A new study shows that car fumes can change how our brain is [wired / wires] - how parts of the brain connect with other [apart / parts] . The research is from the University of British Columbia [on / in] Canada. Researchers found that car fumes can change our brain's connectivity [in / on] just two hours. A researcher, Professor Chris Carlsten, was [surprised / surprising] at what he found. He said: "For [many / much] decades, scientists thought the brain may be protected from the harmful [affects / effects] of air pollution." He added: "This study, which is the first [of / off] its kind in the world, provides fresh evidence supporting a connection [between / among] air pollution and thinking."

The traffic pollution [study / studying] was on 25 adults. The researchers asked the adults to [breath / breathe] in car fumes in a laboratory. The research team took brain [scan / scans] of the adults for two hours. The scans [showed / shown] that networks in the brain that we use for thinking and [remember / remembering] changed. There were fewer connections between the networks. Another professor said the research was [worried / worrying] . She said: "It's concerning to [see / seeing] traffic pollution interrupting these networks." The researchers said there [needy / needed] to be more research to see how car fumes change our brain. They also [advised / advice] people to close car windows when in traffic. The brains of the 25 people returned to [normal / normally] after they breathed clean air.

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