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Pranksters in Japan are [posing / posting] potential health issues and harming the [deputation / reputation] of the country's [framed / famed] conveyor-belt sushi restaurants. This week, several [diners / dinners] have posted prank videos on social media. The pranks [include / inclusive] people licking bottles of soy sauce and chopsticks, and licking their fingers and then touching the sushi on the [revolving / revolution] belt. These actions have shocked people in Japan. The actions have been [daubed / dubbed] "sushi-tero," or "sushi terrorism". The [incidence / incidents] have caused the share prices of a leading sushi chain to plummet. Many restaurants have [sprang / sprung] into action and taken [measures / measurements] to combat the pranksters. These include installing security cameras and providing disinfected eating utensils.

Japan's "kaitenzushi" restaurants are [ubiquity / ubiquitous] in Japan. They offer good [quality / quantity] , inexpensive sushi in an informal, [causal / casual] environment. They are usually spotlessly clean. Some industry [analysts / analysis] are saying sushi terrorism poses a threat [to / at] the future operations of the eateries. One egregious video clip has been viewed 40 million times and has sparked copycat clips. The chain targeted [of / by] the prankster is filing a civil lawsuit [with / against] him and is claiming compensation for [damages / damaging] . The Guardian newspaper reported that there is a lot of [outage / outrage] on social media from Japanese people, who believe the pranksters are showing "contempt [of / for] the country's high standards of hygiene".

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