Speed Reading — ChatGPT - Level 5 — 200 wpm

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This is the text (if you need help).

A new online revolution has started and is gathering pace at high speed. It began in November when the tech company OpenAI released ChatGPT. This is a chatbot you can have a conversation with. It can answer pretty much any request you make, in perfect grammar. If you want a 300-word text about a movie written in the style of Shakespeare, you will get it. ChatGPT has spread like wildfire. Analysts have dubbed it a game changer. Hot on the heels of ChatGPT is Google's Bard. This launched last month. A Google-Microsoft battle for the future of online search is now unfolding.

There are countless questions about how chatbots will shake up our world. Teachers are worrying it is "the end of homework". Bots can instantly give convincing essays to a grade-A standard. Workers are concerned bots will threaten all kinds of jobs. Microsoft has added ChatGPT to its Bing search engine. The Microsoft CEO said: "It's a new day in search." Google calmed people's fears about the possible threats of chatbots. It said: "AI can deepen our understanding of information and turn it into useful knowledge more efficiently – making it easier for people to…get things done."

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