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The words
There is a [new / news] book for children about climate change. The book is co-written by Charles III, the king [of / at] the United Kingdom. It is called "Climate Change". Charles is an [environment / environmentalist] . He has spoken about the environment for [decade / decades] . He speaks at climate change conferences [all / every] over the world. In his new book, he hopes children will learn more about the problems our planet is [heading / facing] . The [other / another] co-writer of the book is Tony Juniper. He is chairperson of an organization [called / calling] Natural England. He told reporters that he wanted to write a book for 7–11-year-olds. He said he wants "to bring the facts to the [fingernails / fingertips] of the people who have got most to gain by [finding / find] climate change solutions in time."

Last Friday, Mr Juniper went to [the / an] event at Buckingham Palace in London. Charles [hosting / hosted] the event. He invited many business leaders. He asked them to help [prevent / protect] biodiversity. At the palace get-together, Juniper spoke about how [excited / excitement] Charles is that children want to help [Earth / dirt] . He said: "I think he's been [struck / strike] by the level of energy and passion shown [on / by] young people on these subjects. He is keen to put something into their [feet / hands] which is about basic ideas." King Charles wrote: "Ever since I was a young teenager, I have been [deeply / widely] worried about the way we have shaped our world. I am pleased to see that children across the world are now [raising / lowering] the alarm and calling for big changes."

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