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British supermarkets ration fruit and vegetables






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Shops in Britain are short of fruit and vegetables. Big supermarkets are rationing things like cucumbers and tomatoes. They have given various reasons for the lack of supply, and why supermarket shelves are bare. Britain's biggest chain, Tesco, has limited some vegetables to just three per customer. Tesco said adverse weather and a drought in Morocco have led to poor harvests. It promised customers it was working to "get things back to normal".

Other factors are behind the rationing. Farmers are facing higher energy costs. It is more difficult for them to make a profit. In addition, a tomato disease has affected many farms across Europe. An expert said Brexit is also playing a part. He said: "If there are shortfalls in production in the EU,…this leaves less available for export to the U.K." U.K shoppers are shocked at online photos of supermarket shelves in war-torn Ukraine full of fresh produce.

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Vegetable Shortages - Level 5  |  Vegetable Shortages - Level 6

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