Speed Reading — Vinyl Records - Level 3 — 300 wpm

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When music CDs came out over 30 years ago, everyone thought that would mean the end of vinyl records. After MP3s and streaming came along, people thought records would die. This was not the case. Vinyl records have been making a comeback. Many younger people are becoming very interested in the seven-inch and 12-inch discs. So much so that in 2022, vinyl record sales were greater than CD sales for the first time since 1987. In 2022, just over 41 million vinyl records were sold in the US. This compares to 33 million CDs. Records have been increasing in popularity for quite some time. The year 2022 was the 16th consecutive year of growth for record sales. Records now account for 71 per cent of non-digital music.

The CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, Mitch Glazier, said there has been a "remarkable" rise in record sales. He said: "Vinyl is cementing its role as a fixture of the modern music marketplace." He added: "Music lovers can't get enough of the high-quality sound and real connection to artists that vinyl delivers.…Record labels have met that demand with a steady stream of exclusives, special re-issues, and beautifully crafted packages and discs." Many people say the covid pandemic has helped records make a comeback. A record label boss said: "Lots of folks were stuck at home working in the pandemic.…They invested in turntables and hi-f.…I think that's still carrying on today."

Comprehension questions
  1. What came out to make people think records would die?
  2. What are young people interested in besides seven-inch records?
  3. How many CDs were sold in the USA in 2022?
  4. How many years in a row have records sales increased?
  5. How much of non-digital music do records account for?
  6. What's Mitch Glazier's job?
  7. Who loves the high-quality sound of vinyl records?
  8. What met a demand for records?
  9. What do many people think helped records make a comeback?
  10. What did people invest in during the pandemic?

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