Speed Reading — Allergies - Level 4 — 300 wpm

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Not everyone likes the joys of spring. Many people love looking at flowering blossoms, but others hate it. This is because pollen from flowers bring allergies like hay fever. Scientists have warned hay fever sufferers that spring arrived up to four weeks early. The symptoms of pollen is already causing misery. To make things worse, the hay fever season will be longer. The scientists said this was not surprising, "given the trajectory our planet is on".

Meteorologists are blaming climate change. A U.S. weather tracker said the winter's average temperature was 2.7 degrees warmer than the 20th century average. A meteorologist said climate change is resulting in earlier and longer flowering seasons, causing more pollen. She called pollen "the enemy" of allergy sufferers. Pollen can also trigger asthma attacks and worsen mold allergies. Acting on climate change will help people's health.

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