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The words
Nature is full [up / of] secrets. There are still many things to find out about it. One of [those / them] things was discovered [last / next] week in Japan. It is [rare / rarely] to find a new plant in Japan. Its trees, flowers and other flora are [good / well] documented. However, an amateur naturalist came across a new species of orchid in Tokyo. Scientists studied the flower and [belief / believe] it grows in parks and gardens [across / cross] Japan. The newly-found orchid is beautiful. It is pink and white, and [its / their] delicate petals look like they are made from glass. Professor Kenji Suetsugu from Kobe University said: "The [discovery / discover] of new species in common places means it is necessary to keep exploring, even in everyday places that don't look [such / so] remarkable."

There are about 28,000 orchid species [world / worldwide] . The new orchid belongs to a [class / glass] called Spiranthes. There are about 50 different kinds of Spiranthes. They are the most [commonly / common] kind of orchid in Japan. They are mentioned [on / in] a Japanese poem from the [year / years] 759. Professor Suetsugu said he and his colleagues were "[thrilling / thrilled] to have identified a new species". He said it was exciting because it wasn't found [hidden / hides] deep in a rainforest or jungle. The discovery of the new orchid is [well / good] news. However, many orchids are on the endangered species list. This is because of habitat [lost / loss] . We need to protect natural environments to stop flowers disappearing. If we lose more orchids, the world will be less [colour / colourful] .

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