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The words
Italy's ruling party may introduce a new [law / laws] to stop people using English words in Italian. People could get [fine / fined] for using English and other non-Italian words in [officially / official] communications. The idea is from government [membership / member] Fabio Rampelli. He is [worried / worry] about the growing number of English words [in / on] Italian. He called it "Anglomania". He is unhappy [with / without] the word "dispenser". He wrote: "We continue our battle for the use of Italian [steady / instead] of English. We can't understand why we say 'dispenser'." Mr Rampelli said English is damaging [the / an] Italian language. He wants people to get a fine if they use English words. The fines could [have / be] between €5,000 and €100,000 ($5,500 and $110,000).

English has been increasing around the world [for / from] over a century. The Internet and social media [has / have] increased its use. Most languages now use English words. Many people are concerned [what / that] English is [harming / charming] their native language. However, not all Italians agree [at / with] having fines for the use of English. A top Italian linguistics society, the Accademia della Crusca, said it [total / totally] disagreed with Mr Rampelli's idea. [Other / Another] people support the fines. They are worried about the [growth / growing] number of English words in Italian. They say that since the year 2000, the number of English words [in / at] use in the Italian language has increased by an amazing 773 per cent. There are no signs that [this / these] will stop.

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