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rely disgnose bring assist be unveil revolutionize write provide need
become be have name be acknowledge make add look caution
For the past few decades, many of us have on "Doctor Google" to self- aches, pains and complaints. The advent of AI has a much more powerful tool to with medical diagnoses - ChatGPT-4. This the next-generation version of the chatbot ChatGPT, which was only four months ago. Doctors believe the new AI will their work and improve the lives of their patients. Three artificial intelligence experts have an e-book titled: "The AI Revolution in Medicine". In it, they say ChatGPT-4 will surgeons with critical, life-saving advice and information in real time. The authors say: "We to start understanding and discussing AI's potential."

The new e-book says ChatGPT-4 will invaluable to medical practitioners. It suggests the chatbot will the equivalent of "a benevolent mentor-servant with access to nearly all the world's medical knowledge" at your disposal. The authors said that: "In almost any way you can , from diagnosis to medical records to clinical trials, its impact will broad and deep." However, they also that AI is not yet a panacea for all medical complications. The authors said ChatGPT-4 can "subtle inaccuracies in otherwise sound medical advice". They that AI still gives "wrong answers that almost always right". Therefore, they against using AI without human supervision.

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