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The words
Most of [them / us] don't really take much notice of car license plates. Maybe we should look at them more from [then / now] because they may be valuable. One license plate has [just / justly] sold for nearly $15 million in Dubai, UAE. It is the world's most [expensively / expensive] plate. The plate had the [letter / letters] and number P7 on it. The previous highest price was also [sat / set] in the UAE. That was in 2008, when someone [paid / pays] $14.3 million for a license plate with the number one on it. It is not [known / knowing] who broke the record earlier this week. However, locals say it might be [different / difficult] for the person's identity to remain a secret. The sale is big news in Dubai, so many drivers will [beware / be aware] of the P7 plate.

The money [at / from] the record-breaking license plate will help [poor / poverty] people worldwide. The [cache / cash] will go to a charity called the One Billion Meals Endowment. This charity was set [down / up] by Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. It brings food to [hunger / hungry] people all around the world. The auction house told [reports / reporters] it was happy with the sale. A spokesperson from Emirates Auction said: "We are [proud / pride] to announce that the Most Noble Numbers charity auction…has set a new world record. We are [thrilling / thrilled] that the proceeds will go directly towards supporting the…campaign, which aims [for / to] establish the largest Ramadan sustainable food aid [fund / find] ."

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