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An Emirati astronaut has sent an end-of-Ramadan [greet / greeting] from space. Sultan al-Neyadi, 41, [mailed / sent] an Eid al-Fitr message to the world from the International Space Station. Eid al-Fitr is a short holiday that [marks / harks] the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is [observant / observed] by Muslims worldwide as a month of [fast / fasting] , prayer, reflection, and service to community. Mr al-Neyadi is on a six-month mission [in / on] space. He will be the first Arab to complete a spacewalk when he [overtakes / undertakes] a six-hour task of maintaining and upgrading equipment on the [orbiting / orbit] space station. In his Eid message, al-Neyadi said: "May this [specially / special] occasion bring peace, happiness, and [prosperity / prosper] to the whole world."

Mr al-Neyadi has shared a lot of [footage / heading] of Earth while on his mission. In [peculiar / particular] , he has transfixed millions of Muslims with [images / imaginings] of the holy site of Mecca glowing [on / in] the dark of night. His achievements have [ignited / enflamed] an interest in technology among [those / his] compatriots in the UAE. He has received many questions about fasting in space. Most adult Muslims are required to fast from dawn to [rusk / dusk] as one of the five Pillars of Islam. Al-Neyadi explained that fasting was different in space. This is because he has to [evade / avoid] activities "that could jeopardize the mission or put crew members [at / for] risk." He said he needed sufficient food "to prevent any [escalation / escalator] of a lack of nutrition or hydration".

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