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The words
Public transport is an [important / importance] part of many peoples' lives. We need it to go to work, visit family and friends, go sightseeing and go [about / around] our daily business. However, in [much / many] countries, trains, buses and [subways / subway] are very expensive. A new scheme in Germany has been launched [to / for] make getting around easier. Transport companies have got together to create the Germany Ticket. This [allowing / allows] people who buy [them / it] to use all local and regional transportation across [a / the] country for just 49 euros ($53.90) a month. The ticket is valid for all forms [of / off] public transport in Germany except for long-distance intercity trains. [More than / Moreover] three million tickets were sold on the day of the launch.

Transportation bosses [hoping / hope] the new Germany Ticket will be good [at / for] the environment. They want more people to leave their cars [in / at] home and use more environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Germany's Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, [pleased / welcomed] the new ticket. He said it is "an easy and [cheap / cheaply] offer that will make public transit more attractive and help us to achieve [your / our] climate goals". Germany aims to become carbon neutral [by / on] 2050. A transportation [analyze / analyst] said the Germany Ticket was a "revolution" for Germany. He said: "We need a scheme [what / that] puts rail before road and get passengers onto trains and buses". Another analyst hopes other countries will start a [similarity / similar] ticket.

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