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The words
The government in the U.K. will [allow / let] cosmetics to be tested on animals for the first time in 25 years. It banned testing in 1998. It was still allowed [on / in] animals if there were great [benefits / benefit] for humans. This meant scientists could test [chemical / chemicals] on animals to develop new medicines. However, a court [at / in] London said animal testing for cosmetics could start again. The judges in the court [chased / followed] European Union laws on the [safer / safety] use of chemicals in animal testing. One chemical that can now be tested on animals is already [shortly / widely] used. It is in sunscreen, foundation and skincare [products / produce] . The U.K. government said it was "committed [at / to] the protection of animals in science".

Many people are [angrily / angry] with the government's decision. Surprisingly, many cosmetics companies are [unhappily / unhappy] . A group called Cruelty Free International, which is [made / created] up of over 80 cosmetics brands, wrote [the / a] letter to the U.K. government. It said changing the law was a terrible [decide / decision] . A spokesperson for the Body Shop said: "Allowing animal testing for cosmetics would be a devastating [blow / puff] to the millions of people who have supported campaigns to end this [appalling / appealing] practice." A scientist at Unilever, [one / two] of the world's largest cosmetic companies, said testing was "unnecessary". She said that with today's [technology / technological] , testing could be carried [in / out] without using animals.

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