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be give put be tip ask mean ask say leave
report become write experience leave tip be be increase leave
Leaving a tip in a restaurant or taxi a part of life in many countries. Usually, we a tip to a waiter or to a member of staff in a hotel. At other times, we the tip in a jar next to the cash register. With modern technology, there a new way to - self checkout machines. People are not so happy about them. The machines are for tips. They are in airports, stadiums, cookie shops, and cafes in the USA. Self-checkout machines there is no face-to-face contact between people. However, many of these machines are customers to leave a 20 per cent tip. Customers they are not so happy about a tip and giving extra money to a machine.

The Wall Street Journal that many people in the USA are tired of tipping because of the self-checkout machines. Reporters that many people are "tipping fatigue". Nearly 20 per cent of Americans are now tips for things they never used to leave tips for. They are even when buying a bottle of water. This was because there more digital payment machines. A customer at an airport store said a prompt on a self-checkout machine like "emotional blackmail". The payments company Square reported that the machines are the number of tips. It said Americans are 15 per cent more tips than before.

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