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The words
Manuka honey is world [famously / famous] for its taste and quality. It is produced [by / at] European honey bees feeding on the nectar of the manuka tree. This tree [grows / growing] throughout New Zealand and in some parts [of / at] Australia. For over a decade, there has been a trademark battle between the [three / two] countries. The New Zealand honey industry wanted manuka to become a trademark. This would [mean / means] only New Zealand beekeepers could use the word "manuka". However, Australia said this was [wrongly / wrong] because it also produced manuka honey. The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand [decide / decided] that no one could trademark the [word / vocabulary] "manuka". This means Australian beekeepers can use [the / a] word.

The word "manuka" is from the Maori language. New Zealand beekeepers said because of [where / this] , no other country could use the word "manuka" for [its / that's] honey. They said manuka was a "treasured" NZ [specials / species] . New Zealand's manuka beekeepers said the trademark [derision / decision] was disappointing. They said New Zealand would continue [for / to] fight to protect its honey. In Australia, the manuka tree is [calling / called] the "tea tree". The Australian Manuka Honey Association said it was "[delighted / delightful]" with the decision. It said: "Our product has a [long / length] history of being recognized as manuka honey. It is produced [like / such] the NZ product is, and it also offers the health benefits that consumers value so [lowly / highly] ."

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