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  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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Canada's government has announced [stranger / stronger] measures to discourage people [to / from] smoking. From August the 1st, [every / all] individual cigarette sold in the country will have a warning [labelling / label] put on it. Canada will be the first country to introduce [such / much] messages. The warnings will include messages like "Cigarettes cause cancer," "Tobacco smoke harms children" and "Poison in every [buff / puff] ." The government said: "This bold [stair / step] will make health warning messages [virtually / virtual] unavoidable." A spokesperson at the Canadian Cancer Society [foiled / hailed] the action taken by the government. He said: "Having a warning on every cigarette [sold / sales] in Canada is a world precedent-setting measure."

Canada announced its new anti-tobacco [strategy / strategic] on World No Tobacco Day. The government has [veiled / unveiled] other measures to encourage smokers to [quite / quit] , or to [deter / defer] people from taking up the habit. There will be 28 graphic pictures highlighting the [damaged / damaging] health consequences of smoking, as [good / well] as the harm cigarettes cause to the body's organs. These will [disappear / appear] over the next two years. In addition, all warning labels on cigarette packets will take up a minimum of 75 per cent of the main display [arena / area] of the pack. Health Canada said the [bald / bold] steps would increase the likelihood of getting its message across. Smoking is the leading cause of [preventable / preventive] disease and death in Canada.

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