Speed Reading — Smiling Classes - Level 1 — 100 wpm

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In Japan, many people still wear masks. Some people who no longer wear them are having smiling lessons. They have "forgotten" how to smile naturally. This is because they wore a mask for three years. They want to relearn how to smile with confidence. A "smile coach" from a "smile education" company spoke about her work. She said masks made people smile less, so they developed a complex. She wants people to smile for their health.

Smile coaches in Japan are busy. A survey found that 28% of workers in their 20s to 50s still wear masks. Just over 67% said they sometimes wear a mask. Only 5.5% have stopped wearing a mask. The smile coach has coached 4,000 people how to smile. She said smiling makes a good impression and helps communication. It makes people feel positive. The smile coach said relaxing is the key to a good smile.

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