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Four children who were feared dead after a plane crash a month ago have been found alive. The siblings, aged 13, nine, four and a one-year-old baby, were on a plane that crashed in the Amazon in Colombia on May the first. The children's mother and two pilots died in the crash. Before the plane disappeared, the pilot issued a mayday alert for engine failure. It then disappeared from radar screens. The children were found after 40 days by members of Colombia's military. They were helped by the Huitoto indigenous group.

Colombia's president called the children's discovery a "joy" and a "magical day". He added that their survival "will remain in history". He called the children "the children of peace and the children of Colombia". Colombia's aviation authority issued a statement about how the children survived. It said they escaped the wreckage and walked through the jungle in search of help. The children belong to the Huitoto group. Their knowledge of what is edible in the jungle and their experience of the rainforest gave them a better chance of survival.

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