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seem believe attract include help get prefer come change make
test analyze use wash put be attract give want carry
Mosquitoes to like some people more than others. Scientists from the Virginia Tech university in the USA the smell of our body could mosquitoes. This our natural body odour and smells from soaps and perfumes. Some of these smells could also to reduce the number of bites we in the summer. The researchers said mosquitoes seemed to soap with a flowery smell. The lead researcher said over 60 per cent of the smells from our body come from soap rather than natural body odours. He said that changing the soap we use could how attractive we are to mosquitoes. Soap with a neutral or no smell could us less tasty to the creatures.

The researchers the effects on mosquitoes of four popular brands of soap. They the smell of different people after they each soap, and when they did not themselves. The researchers recreated the soapy and unwashed smells and them in two different cups in a cage full of mosquitoes. The insects seemed to prefer the flowery smells from the soapy cups. Mosquitoes may like humans because they are by floral and fruity smells. One researcher some advice. He said: "I would choose a coconut-scented soap if I to reduce mosquito attraction." Mosquitoes are the world's deadliest creatures. The diseases they kill about 725,000 people a year.

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