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The words
The [number / numeral] of refugees is increasing around the world. Many people are [fleeing / fled] their countries because of war; others because they are [safe / unsafe] in their homeland. They all want to find a new [lively / life] in a safe country. Multinational companies will help around 250,000 refugees. They will give them [a / the] job. The companies made this offer on World Refugee Day. Adidas, Amazon, Pepsi and Starbucks are some of the [most / more] than 40 corporations who will help displaced [people / person] over the next three years. Kelly Clements, the U.N. Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees, was [unhappy / happy] about this news. She said: "The commitments [that / what] businesses are going to make are absolutely [essentially / essential] ."

Kelly Clements said more than 110 million people have been [replaced / displaced] worldwide. Around 12 million of these are [from / going] Ukraine. More than 6.8 million have [fed / fled] Syria and 5.7 million have left Afghanistan. Ms Kelly said: "Every number is a story of [an / a] individual family who left everything, [seeking / seek] safety, seeking protection and wanting to be able [for / to] rebuild." An Amazon spokesperson explained why hiring refugees would [benefit / beneficial] the company. He said: "This is good for us as a company [because / so] the opportunity to add diversity to our workforce will continue to make us a [stronger / strongly] company." He added that: "Diversity brings innovation, creativity and different [points / pants] of view."

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