Speed Reading — Clothes Repair - Level 4 — 400 wpm

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We unnecessarily throw away millions of tons of clothes every year. A lot of these are nearly new. France has come up with a scheme for people to wear their clothes longer. It will pay a "repair bonus" for taking clothes and shoes to be repaired at workshops or cobblers. People will get up to $27 of the cost of repairs. The scheme is run by the eco-organization Refashion. It hopes to help the environment.

France throws away 700,000 tons of clothing every year. Furthermore, the world's fashion industry creates 8-10 per cent of carbon emissions. The rise of fast fashion has worsened this. Fast fashion is buying cheap clothes to wear a few times. It uses a lot of synthetic materials which harm the environment. Refashion wants people to cut the amount of clothing they buy, and to donate unwanted clothes to charity for recycling.

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