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The words
A new study has found that more and [many / more] people are experiencing mental health problems. Research from the University of Queensland and Harvard Medical School [founded / found] that half of [us / them] will have at least one mental health disorder by the [time / age] we are 75. Professor John McGrath, lead author of the study, said the most [common / commonly] issues were mood disorders, such [like / as] depression or anxiety. He added that "the risk of certain mental disorders [different / differed] by sex". The three most common mental health disorders [among / between] women were depression, phobias that make daily [live / life] more difficult and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Men suffered most from alcohol abuse, [depressed / depression], and phobias.

The researchers looked at data [from / for] 32 mental health surveys from the WHO. Over 156,000 people [in / at] 29 countries answered questions about their lifestyle and [mentally / mental] well-being. The researchers analyzed the questionnaires to find [out / up] when mental health problems first started [in / on] people. They also assessed the risk of people experiencing 13 mental disorders. These included [panics / panic] attacks, anxiety, drug abuse and ADHD. An [importance / important] finding of the study was that for many people, mental health disorders [firstly / first] appeared in childhood or in teenage years. The study concluded that young people needed more [help / helpful] in the "critical parts of their lives". They need services that find and [threat / treat] their mental health problems.

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