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The UK is experiencing "poonami" - a sewage crisis. The environmental group Greenpeace said water companies poured toilet waste rivers and seas more than 300,000 hours 2022. Many people have complained about becoming sick after swimming the sea. Others expressed concerns the terrible smell on beaches, or the horrible brown colour the water. The research company Savanta conducted a poll about people's opinions the poor quality of water. Almost a quarter of swimmers said they might not swim the sea this year because of the risk. Last week, least 57 people got diarrhoea after competing in sea swimming events a World Triathlon Championship.

England and Wales are the only countries the world to have privatized their water and sewage services. The UK government sold its water to private companies 1987. The companies promised to spend billions pounds on making services better. However, many Britons have complained that things have become much worse. The privatized companies have not invested enough money stopping leaks or modernizing systems. Since 1991, they have paid over £2 billion a year their shareholders. Water campaigner and ex-rock star Feargal Sharkey is angry the water companies. He said they have failed to create a quality system. He also blamed the UK government not acting.

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