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The words
Many people around the world monitor how many steps they walk every [daily / day] . This is due to studies that [suggestion / suggest] 10,000 steps a day is enough to help us stay healthy and live [lengthen / longer] . A new study says just 4,000 steps a day could be the [magic / magician] number for us to live [good / well] into old age. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine analyzed 17 [studies / studious] that looked at how far people walked [daring / during] the week. The scientists concluded that 4,000 steps per day reduced the risk [for / of] dying from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other life-threatening [conditions / condition] . Study author Dr Seth Shay Martin said 4,000 steps is [roughly / rough] a 30- to 45-minute walk, or about three to four kilometres.

The study is published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. The research looked [to / at] health and exercise data from more than 225,000 adults worldwide [under / over] seven years. They had an average age of 64. Some people were in [good / well] health, while others suffered [for / from] heart problems. Dr Martin said his conclusion that 4,000 steps were [beneficial / benefit] was a minimum amount. He said: "I wouldn't want people to look at that as a magical number, that you must walk that [exactly / exact] step count. More is better." He added that walking an [additional / addition] 1,000 steps per day is associated [on / with] a roughly 15 per cent lower risk of premature [die / death] . He said people should add at [least / last] one walk to their daily routine.

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