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Elon Musk has announced he will remove the blocking [future / feature] from accounts on X, formerly [known / knowing] as Twitter. Mr Musk, who is the owner of X, said users would no [longer / longing] be able to block comments [from / for] unwanted followers. Under the new policy, X users will be unable to restrict individual accounts from [contracting / contacting] them, following them or seeing their posts. However, people will still be able to block [directive / direct] messages. Musk wrote on Friday: "Block is going to be deleted [has / as] a 'feature,' except for DMs." He added that being allowed to block other people's comments "makes [no sense / nonsense] ". The change would be the latest in Musk's [overall / overhaul] of his platform. Others include the name and logo change and [layoffs / layouts] of employees.

Many X users are up in [legs / arms] over Mr Musk's latest proposal. They believe the block function is essential [for / to] keep people safe and to prevent [hateful / hated] content and harassment from appearing in their [heeds / feeds] . Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the crypto-currency company Binance, said Musk should [concentrate / cooperate] his efforts on making X safer and [easier / easily] to use. He said: "X should really solve the [pots / bots] and spam problems before removing blocks." Another critic said the lack of a blocking feature could make [bully / bullying] more common. He said it could inhibit the [free / freedom] speech of users who are the targets of bullies and predators. Another observer said people, "need a mechanism to block [abusive / abrasive] users".

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