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The words
Japan has started [released / releasing] radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean. The plant was hit [on / by] a huge earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. After the power plant was [damaging / damaged] , the power company [stored / storage] radioactive water in 1,000 giant tanks. The water has been [treated / threatened] to reduce its radioactivity. It is now [being / been] slowly released into the Pacific Ocean through a long sea [bridge / tunnel] . Japan stated that the water is [safe / safety] and would not harm the environment. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the water [meets / meetings] with international safety standards. It said there would [have / be] a "negligible radiological impact on people and the environment".

[Many / Much] people in Japan, as well as countries [near / nearly] Japan, are angry that radioactive water is [going / gone] into the Pacific. Local fishermen are worried they will not be able to [selling / sell] their fish. China has already banned seafood from Fukushima and the [capital / upper case] city, Tokyo. China's foreign ministry called the release [to / of] the water a "wrongful decision" and asked Japan to stop. A spokesperson said: "Japan is putting its own self-interest over the long-term well-being of [every / all] humankind". Hong Kong is also worried about [feed / food] safety. It said it would "immediately" stop importing some Japanese food [product / products] . South Korean activists have also protested, [moreover / although] Seoul understood that the water meets international standards.

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