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The words
The key for older people to sleep [good / well] at night could be how hot or cold their room [be / is] . Researchers say the best way to [do / get] a good night's sleep is to make [unsure / sure] the bedroom is between 20-25º Celsius. The researchers are [from / for] Harvard University and the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research in the USA. They asked 50 people [age / aged] 65 and older to wear a sleep monitor for a year [and / end] a half. The researchers found that the quality of sleep worsened when the room temperature was outside the 20-25-degree [ranger / range] . They also observed that 20ºC was the best temperature. The [lead / steel] researcher said: "Sleep tends to come easier and is often [deeper / deepen] and more restful in a cooler environment."

The research is [fill / full] of surprising information. It reported that temperature could [affect / effect] sleep as much as experiencing [pained / pain] or drinking alcohol before bedtime. The researchers found a 5-10 per cent [drop / drip] in sleep quality when the temperature was [lower / allowed] than 20ºC or higher than 25ºC. They said poor sleep can lead to [healthy / health] issues. These include an inability to think clearly, mood swings, and higher levels of stress. Other problems include an increased [chance / change] of getting diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The researchers said people should [crate / create] , "a more comfortable home environment" to sleep well. They also [lowlighted / highlighted] , "the potential impact of climate change on sleep quality in [older / olden] adults".

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