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The words
Workers in supermarkets in the U.K. can now [wear / wearing] body cameras to protect themselves from attacks [at / by] customers. More and more staff are being punched or threatened with [knife / knives] by angry people. Many sales assistants and checkout staff are [frighten / afraid] to go to work. They are [stressed / stressful] , and they are worried about their safety. The UK's largest supermarket chain Tesco is [offering / offers] its staff body cameras. A spokesperson said the number of physical assaults [on / in] its workers has risen by a [third / three] in a year. He added that 200 Tesco employees are victims of serious physical assaults [whole / each] month. Thousands more are shouted at and verbally abused every day. He asked the UK government to "put [the / an] end to this".

Many people say attacks on supermarket staff are a sign [what / that] Britain is "broken". There has been a huge rise [in / on] anti-social behaviour on Britain's streets. [A / The] survey published in the Daily Mail newspaper showed that 72 per cent of voters think Britain is [broken / break] . Tesco's CEO Ken Murphy said his company has spent £44 million ($55 million) on trying [to / for] keep staff safe. Despite this, there has also been a big rise in [shopping / shoplifting] . These two problems have led to [height / higher] prices. Mr Murphy wants stricter laws for people who [grammatically / verbally] or physically attack staff. He said: "Crime is a [scourge / blessing] on society, and an insult to shoppers and shop workers." He said attacks on staff were "unacceptable" and "[breaking heart / heart-breaking] ".

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