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The words
A trend on TikTok has caused a shortage of laxative drugs in the USA. A laxative is a [medic / medicine] for people who have constipation. This is the problem of people having [difficulty / difficult] going to the toilet because of [hardened / hardy] "poo". The medicine [loosens / loses] the poo to make it easier to go to the [toilet / toiletries] . TikTok influencers are making teenagers believe that laxatives will help them [loser / lose] weight. The videos have been viewed over one billion times [in / on] social media. Hundreds of thousands of youngsters are [emptied / emptying] drugstore shelves of laxatives. This means people who really [need / needy] the medicine cannot get it. Doctors prescribe the drug for [conditions / conditionals] like constipation, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Doctors and people with stomach [problem / problems] are worried about the new social media trend. Doctors say the online posts [contents / contain] incorrect information, as laxatives do not lead [for / to] weight loss. People should only use them after [talking / spoken] to a doctor. This is because the drugs do not work for weight loss. They only lead to "water weight" being [losing / lost] . Laxatives can also have [side / back] effects. These can include headaches, [thirsty / thirst] , fatigue, dry skin, and [dizziness / dizzy] . Any weight lost from taking laxatives is quickly put back [on / off] after having a drink. Doctors say it is healthier and more effective to lose weight through lifestyle changes. Eating more fruit and vegetables, and exercising are better than [using / used] laxatives.

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