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The words
Artificial intelligence websites [such / like] as ChatGPT and Google's Bard are less than a year old, but they have been [asks / asking] many questions. One question is [whether / weather] music and art produced [by / at] AI is real music and art. Daniel Ek, the boss of the music [steaming / streaming] site Spotify, has answered this question. He said there are many uses of AI for making music that [is / are] OK. He told the BBC that Spotify has no plans to ban [all / every] music created by artificial intelligence. This includes the auto-tune software that helps singers correct their [patch / pitch] and can add vocal effects to a singer's voice. Mr Ek said auto-tunes [improves / improving] music. One use of AI Mr Ek did not like was software [to / for] mimicking (copying) the voice of an artist.

Daniel Ek said using AI in music will be [debating / debated] for "many, many years". He said the biggest problem is [what / when] AI copies the voice of [other / another] singers. Spotify deleted one song created by the AI [stage / platform] Ghostwriter. The software copied the voices of the singers Drake, and The Weeknd. The song was even [omitted / submitted] for a Grammy music award, but it was rejected. Neither Drake nor The Weeknd knew about the song. Mr Ek highlighted how [seriously / serious] the problem of cloning singers' voices [are / is] . He said: "You can imagine someone uploading a song, [calming / claiming] to be Madonna, even if they're not." He said it will be difficult to tell [if / what] a song is "sung" by a bot or a human. He added that the future of music production is going to be [tricked / tricky] .

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